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The focus of ZehnCRM is on creating value for the insurance agent
and ZehnCRM enables insurance agents to gain competitive
advantage over competitors that supply similar
products or services.

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ZehnCRM is a software that stores customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, as well as keeps track of customer activity like website visits, phone calls, email, and more.

What does ZehnCRM do?
  • Reduced costs, because the right things are being done (i.e. effective and efficient operation)
  • Increased customer satisfaction, because they are getting exactly what and when they want (i.e. meeting and exceeding expectations)
  • Growth in numbers of customers.
  • Identifying high value customers
  • Maximisation of opportunities (i.e. increased services, referrals, etc.)
  • Long term profitability and sustainability
  • Management and quality related services.
  • Identifying poor operational processes
  • Ensuring that the focus of the organisation is external
  • Increased access to a source of market and competitor information

How ZehnCRM helps you

Payroll,Payments, Less staff time spent looking for information, Cost savings from less creation, storage, retrieval and handling of paper records Log everything, Reporting.


How it works

  • Dashboard

    Here,In dashboard tab,there will be brief summary of your clients, like Total Leads,Total Clients,Total Policy,Total Profit.There will be Renewable policies and event list. and also showing graphical representation of General Stats & Sales Summary. You can also generate reports according your needs such as weekly,monthly or dynamically by navigate to respective "Week", "Month" or "Dynamic" tab.

  • Leads

    Here,showing the records of leads in the listformat.Leads are not your actual clients. Leads are the persons that you want to convert into your clients. Here you can generate the Leads List by range i.e weekly,monthly or by date,also you can add Leads by using "Add Lead" button. There will be drag & drop options is also for rendering.From the search bar you can search by Lead name.Editing can also be done by clicking on edit/pencil icon.

  • Leads Board

    This is a Leads Board,here you can drag and drop to make changes means you can change your stats from one to other like from Fresh leads to Contacted or Not Contacted

  • Clients

    In Client tab,you will find your actual clients list along with clients details like name,mobile no,email,status & policy. You can also add client by using "Add Client" button. Editing can also be done by clicking on edit/pencil icon.

  • Policy

    "Policy" Tab will show you,what policies you have tie up. It showing the records with Policy Name,Policy category,Insurance Company and Service Tax. Here you can edit it or delete it by using edit icon and checkbox respectively. Add policy by using "Add Policy" button.You can also customize your policy category and policy company by using "Setting" tab.

  • Reports

    With "Reports" Tab you are able to see general report,policy report and profit report. You can filter your report by dropdown options. Filter your records by selecting the "Type", "Start Date", "End Date" and click on "Filer". If "General Report" ,it will generate records accordingly along with Lead name,email,phone no,source,industry rating,status,annual revenue and address. If "Policy Report" or "Profit Report",it will generate records along with clients attributes such as client name,mobile no,policy no,premium,policy service tax,commission etc.

  • Communication

    By using "Communication" tab you can send "Bulk SMS" to your leads and clients. Simply select the template and bank from the options and type your message and click on "Send SMS" button. and your message will be delivered within a seconds.

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The best way to see that our product is best for you is to use a free BASIC version.

Select the plan that suit you best.






500 SMS



2000 SMS
2000 EMAIL



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With ZehnCRM email you are free to send mail by creating any event template.You can also set automated mail to inform your client.

Use ZehnCRM app with phone or web is easy.Have conversations with customer. Make calls from ZehnCRM app.

Manage leads and customers is easy.You care for customers by creating alarm for an event.

Track all communications with each customer.With ZehnCRM you convert social media into sales.

ZehnCRM on the go and ready for you

Improve the quality of data

ZehnCRM can help you get the insights you need to take action on your data. For example, which accounts have been neglected? With a ZehnCRM you can set up activities to activate standing accounts.

Manage sales team activity

What is your sales team up to? Are they making calls to prospects or existing customers? A sales leader can give teams direction to best meet business goals, all within ZehnCRM.

More informed decision making

ZehnCRM gather the data that you think is important and that you want to change, enabling you to review that data, and make decisions on it. While it can help you access the data to make more informed decisions.

More Productive & Fully featured

You will be able to access up‐to‐date customer information wherever you are. ZehnCRM delivered over the web -from the ‘cloud’ – allow you access anywhere there is an internet or broadband connection.


ZehnCRM improve the data you have and grow sales

You have data coming in from your sales teams, even if its too much, too fragmented and stored in disparate locations. ZehnCRM will allow you to manage your data and improve the quality of the data by making it accessible in real-time, connected to a central database, and making it actionable across your company.

Yes, ZehnCRM can help you grow sales, by better managing your sales teams. If your sales teams is being tracked to increase prospect calls in order to increase territory coverage, it is possible that ZehnCRM system will contribute to increased sales.


More features,More you have

A remarkably versatile CRM app packed with features.

Unique Concepts

We bring fresh and unique CRM app included out of the box,that able to make your leads into customers, ZehnCRM app's adaptable look is perfect as per your specific requirements.

Infinite Potential

You can influence customer retention, ZehnCRM manages the activities around customer engagement. You can easily manage the relationship using ZehnCRM.

User Friendly

We haven't forgotten users, that's why we've built ZehnCRM from the ground-up as a powerful, easy to understand app, with a focus on managing the relationship.


ZehnCRM improve the productivity and customer relations

ZehnCRM gather the data that you think is important and that you want to change, enabling you to review that data, and make decisions on it. While it can help you access the data to make more informed decisions.

You have a few great leads, a lot of good leads and a few you are working on replacing.Many of the leads exhibit a specific weakness in maybe one particular area: appointment making, closing, presenting, proposal development, etc. By using ZehnCRM to measure the leads in each stage of the sales cycle, from suspect to close, you can quickly identify these areas for improvement and provide targeted training to improve these weaknesses.ZehnCRM helps you easily identify consistent bottlenecks in the process that you can actionably address.

Let’s get you started with a BASIC version.

Smart ways to maximize your profit.

The best way to see that our product is best for you is to use a free trial version. If you have questions about products, implementation, integration, or anything else, give us a call. Our highly trained reps are standing by, ready with answers.

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